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A Handy Guide For Kitchen Knives And Sharpeners

One of my biggest pet irritations (I swear I don't have many!) is picking a knife from a block and having to patiently saw away at whatever I'm preparing to cook. This is probably a common job for cooks at home. It is full of the jiggling knives, tiny and small as well as the roasting knife. The rack looks like the collection of beauty queens, possibly excluding the knife for roasting. For years, I never thought about which knives would be best suited to various items, or that sharpening a knife is a blessing, transforming a cooking task from being a chore into an enjoyable experience. Cutting an onion was tiring and time-consuming. The result was in tiny pieces that were not evenly large and scattered with the indentation marks created by my knife as it tried to slice the onion pieces.

While working in a cookware shop, however I saw a light that sparked in me. A knife that is suitable for the method of preparation will make cooking an enjoyable experience. Sharpening is a must, and in case you're feeling shy using a knife that is fully forged will make your onion into fine pieces.

This is the list of kitchen knives that have helped my culinary training and could be helpful to anyone who is bored with the dead-beat go-to knife that is in dire need of replacement.

The Chef's Knife

A reliable knife that is useful for daily cutting. It comes in multiple sizes that range from 26cm to 12cm. However, the most popular is 20cm. The curved tip permits cutting with a rolling action to speed up the process and, with practice accuracy.

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