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The Perfect Deep Fryer For Your Situation

You need a fryer that can produce high quality deep fryer, high-volume fried foods in order to keep up with rising trading demand. Waldorf fryers have a reputation for producing high quality fried foods that outperforms other brands in certain situations. Waldorf gas fryers feature a state-of the art snap-action thermostat mechanism that can sense + or – 0.5C set point. This increases performance and output.

Standard features include overtemperature safety controls and a flame failure safety system. These can be either mechanical or electronic. Electronic control models offer better temperature control with optimal output. They have twin timers to cook batches quickly and accurately with an independent back up thermostat. The Frymaster commercial deep-frying units for the foodservice sector are excellent options. You can choose from a variety of top-quality fryers, both electric and gas. These fryers feature innovative design, high quality fried food and excellent fryer performance.

Frymaster is constantly innovating and influenced by customer feedback. Their equipment performs at its best. Frymaster's high-tech equipment helps increase profits with labor and energy savings features. They also help with green sustainability initiatives. Frymaster can protect employees who work with fryers, and assist consumers in healthier eating. There are many models of fryers. However, most fryers can be found in single-pan - three-basket fryers, single-pan three-basket fryers, and double-pan - two-basket electric fryers. All models have dual thermostat controls for failure in busy times. They also feature cook & idle mode to maximise energy efficiency. Cool zone below the elements to extend oil life and maintain product quality.

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